billerbeck Switzerland Ltd.


What do we do?
We produce duvets, pillows and mattresses (Hungary) and complete our range of services by offering a matching retail collection. We consider ourselves an integrated and quality orientated company with an integrated supply chain (research and development, production, sales and distribution, logistics and service). We have an in-house Foundation for Sleep and Health.

Swiss quality
Our first class duvets and pillows are made at the billerbeck Schweiz AG production site in Fischbach-Göslikon. High quality products require the best materials, beginning, for us, with the down selection. We choose extra-large cluster European goose down with no live plucking. The quality and hygienic cleanliness of the down is constantly checked in our own laboratory.


Swiss production location
billerbeck Schweiz AG is the most important production site for down duvets in the whole billerbeck group. Our development team works closely with experts from the “Sleep and Health Foundation" to create exquisite solutions for restful sleep. billerbeck counts on its Swiss production location. This guarantees our duvets and pillows are produced impeccably.


Hygiene and cleanliness – decisive factors
Hygiene and cleanliness are of the utmost importance in our production areas. Right from the start. That is why fresh raw down arriving from France, Hungary, Poland, Russia and the Ukraine are stored in a separate area. Hygiene is of decisive importance for bed fillings because the product is right against the sleeper’s skin.

Duvets and pillows touch your skin for an average of seven hours a day. Uncompromising cleanliness is a decisive sales argument for this Swiss product. That is why billerbeck Schweiz AG has set itself the very highest targets in terms of hygiene. And the guidelines issued by our in-house laboratory are upheld rigorously.

We also place great importance on the issue of disposal – all the by-products are biodegradable and are returned to nature.

Swiss quality standard
billerbeck Schweiz AG manufactures according to the best Swiss quality standards. The raw down is washed in excellently maintained machines. In addition to the pre-wash, wash and spin cycles, the down is also steamed and all dust is removed. Professional cleaning takes the degree of soiling, the ph. and oxygen values, the fat content and the filling power of the material into consideration. The expertise of our employees with regard to the material and the correct operation of the machines is a decisive factor for a successful cleaning process. A common sense of responsibility, born in unison, is the key to the featherweight quality of the goods produced by billerbeck Schweiz AG.

Swiss quality goods that keep the promises they make
Samples of the freshly washed and sorted goods go to our laboratory. Controlling and documenting hygiene levels form part of our daily obligations here at billerbeck Schweiz AG. Further checks are dedicated to the filling power and fat content. The quality of the mixture is equally decisive. Existing fillings are counted and checked down by down.


Each and every duvet is stroked and cared for
Our long-standing and experienced employees love the duvets and pillows that they make. They are created with respect for every rule of the trade in a meticulously planned manufacturing process with the greatest care and attention. This applies equally to every department from sewing to quilting and finishing. Each and every duvet and pillow that leaves our company has been through a whole series of steps, accompanied by experienced hands that have filled it with the best down or feathers, sewed it, quilted it and carefully stroked it before placing it in our classical billerbeck or Dauny bags to be sent to our consumers so that they can enjoy a better and more restful night’s sleep.